THE 3R’s – Read, Review, Repeat

Our 3R’s program provides each reader with free books (shipping included) from our curated list
(see below). Here’s how it works:

Read – the chosen book

Review – (good, bad or indifferent) on Amazon; post review link in your 3R account

Repeat – pick your next free book to read.

Read, Review, Repeat –   until our full collection has been read and reviewed
(46+ books as well as the 10+ new titles published annually).
There is no obligation at any time in the process.

Children are welcome to participate, but they should provide an adult’s email address and have that adult post reviews.

Here are the 3R books available today– which one do you want to read first? After you make your selection….SCROLL DOWN (do not click) and choose your book from the drop down box. Give us your information and hit submit.  You should receive your book in +/-3 weeks.

Seven Stories about the Moon

Geology Is A Piece of Cake by Katie Coppens

Heroic Women of the Art World by Eugene Pool

Escape Galápagos by Ellen Prager

I Just Keep Wondering by Larry Scheckel

Engineering Bridges by Pendred Noyce

ResQ and the Baby Orangutan by Eva Pell

Remarkable Minds by Pendred Noyce

Mosquitoes Don’t Bite Me by Pendred Noyce

Inventors, Makers, Barrier Breakers by Pendred Noyce

Microplastics and Me by Anna Du

The Shooing Cave by Ingrid Lee

So…..let’s get started!


You will receive your book in +/- 3 weeks.


–        Post your review on Amazon (go HERE for ideas on how to review a book)

–         Copy the link to your Amazon review and then post your review link on this page

–        Pick your next book from the curated list above – you should receive it in +/- three weeks.

Then Read, Review, Repeat!
Thanks for your interest. We are looking forward to reading your review(s)!
The Team at Tumblehome Books