Deeply religious horror fiction writer, Tessa, is suffering from nightmares and writer’s block trying to write her latest book. Her loving fiancé, Paul, builds her an Artificial Intelligence called GENESIS to help. To relieve pressure, they take a holiday in a quaint old mansion … with groundskeeper, Alfred. Will Tessa and Paul relax and fix the nightmares and writer’s block? Watch this Sci-Fi, Horror story to find out!

Tessa, a New York Times Best Selling Author of Horror novels, is having nightmares and writer’s block, grappling with a traumatic past. Her fiancé, Paul, a Professor at MIT, who specializes in AI and dream manipulation, will enlist all of his tech research to help her, taking Tessa back to the scene of the trauma in the hope of reprogramming the past with the aid of an AI called Genesis. But will it work?