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FREE ZOOM to the Land of Wrong Answers and Fun – 12/16 – 5:00 PM ET – FREE

Why do we have rainbows? How do airplanes stay up? Where do tadpoles come from? Amusing and comforting answers are given by big brother to his little sister. Authors Penny Noyce and Diego Chavez will introduce you to this pair of siblings as they meander through their afternoon and evening all the way to bedtime.

Penny, a physician, author, and supporter of science education will read excerpts from their book and reveal how this duo picked the amusing and comforting questions and answers. Diego, a native of Brazil and an artist and cartoonist who teaches art in Massachusetts, will show you how he creates the warm and funny illustrations throughout the book.

Penny and Diego want to know your favorite questions that need wrong answers. Participants will pick their favorite wrong answers. The three lucky winners of best questions will receive a copy of the book.

Submit your questions when you register.

You can always check the section at the back of the book that can clear up any misunderstandings with “What Grownups Think.”…….but why ruin all the fun with facts?

Hope you can join us!


Audience:  for ages 5 to 7

Date: December 16, 2020

Time:  5:00 PM to 5:45 PM ET

Register: HERE by December 14, 2020

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