The Adelie Penguins in Antarctica Activities

Penguin Watch:

1. Check out some amazing webcam pictures! The cam is solar powered and only live during the months in which Antarctica experiences daylight. Check HERE starting around October every year for daily picture updates!
2. Take a look at all the great videos that has HERE.
3. There are some amazing pictures to see in the Penguin Science Gallery of Pictures!
4. Peek in on the daily nest checks HERE.

1. Follow along with the Cape Royds Adelie Penguin Breeding Colony Daily Journal, 2019-2020 HERE.
2. Check out the Daily Journal archives HERE.
3. Try your hand at answering these questions that researchers try to answer!
4. This is a great place to learn more about penguins and how researchers have found all of the answers to their questions.
5. Click HERE for more great activities and resources.
6. HERE are some excellent PowerPoint presentations and videos that can be used in the classroom.
7. Help the Citizen Science project by counting the penguins in the daily cam updates. Instructions can be found HERE.

Read More:
1. To read about the impact of climate change on the Adelie penguins, go HERE.

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Waiting for Joey