Lost in Lexicon – Original Out of Print Edition


When Aunt Adelaide sends thirteen-year-old cousins Ivan and Daphne on a treasure hunt in the rain, they never expect to stumble into a whole new world an enchanting land where words and numbers run wild. They are surprised again when the first people they meet beg them to find Lexicon’s missing children, who have wandered off, bewitched by lights in the sky. Trekking between villages in search of clues, the cousins encounter a plague of punctuation, a curious creature, a fog of forgetting, the Mistress of Metaphor, a panel of poets, and the illogical mathematicians of Irrationality. But when a careless Mathemystical reflects them across the border into the ominous Land of Night, their peril deepens.

Kidnapped, imprisoned, and mesmerized–with time running out–will Daphne and Ivan find a way to solve the mystery of lights in the sky and restore the lost children of Lexicon to their homes?
Author: Pendred Noyce
Age Range : 9-12
Grades: 3-6
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Book Details:

  • ISBN: 9780983021926
  • Genre: Children's Fiction/Fantasy &Magic/Action & Adventure
  • Page Count: 360
  • Age Range: 9-12
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Pub Date: 26/07/2011

Pendred (Penny) Noyce is a doctor, educator, and writer. She grew up in California, completed a degree in biochemistry at Harvard and a medical degree at Stanford, and did her residency in internal medicine in Minnesota. She then moved to the Boston area, where she practiced at a community health center for several years. In 1991, she helped establish the Noyce Foundation in honor of her father, Robert Noyce, co-inventor of the integrated circuit and co-founder of Intel. The foundation focuses on improving K-12 education, particularly in mathematics and science. From 1993-2002, Penny helped lead a statewide math and science improvement effort called PALMS in the state of Massachusetts. She gradually withdrew from medical practice to focus on her education work and on raising her five children. She has served on the boards of numerous non-profits, including most recently the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy, TERC, the Libra Foundation of Maine, the Concord Consortium, and the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications.

As her older children set off for college, Penny began writing for middle-grade children. Her first two novels for children were: Lost in Lexicon: An Adventure in Words and Numbers, and The Ice Castle: An Adventure in Music; now she has authored several more since then, and these may be found throughout the THL website.  Penny serves as the editorial lead for our Galactic Academy of Science series of science mysteries. Tumblehome Learning represents a convergence of Penny’s interests in science, education, and great writing for kids.

Penny loves to travel, ski, ride horses, and explore islands.

“…This is an adventure story for the digital generation, and Lost in Lexicon breaks new ground in the adventure genre. This rollicking, often tongue-in-cheek novel will appeal to young readers who need a break from their computer games and long to journey into the woods of learning.”
ForeWord Reviews

“…An engaging and original narrative is the main strength of this series opener. Math and grammar concepts are nicely integrated. Noyce keeps up the pace by limiting descriptive passages but offers little character introduction. Ivan and Daphne do grow over the course of their quest, finding strength in their ability to tackle subjects that once overwhelmed them and working as a team to solve each mathematical and linguistic puzzle. Well-imagined illustrations help bring the pair to life…Persistent readers will be rewarded with a good adventure, affecting lyrical passages, and thought-provoking questions relevant to our own society.”
– School Library Journal, Jayne Damron, Farmington Community Library, MI

“Ivan and Daphne never expected a grammar lesson to be quite so…animated. Lost in Lexicon: An Adventure in Words and Numbers follows the two cousins as they come to the town of Lexicon, a land where language and mathematics take on a very different life…Blending education and entertainment, Lost in Lexicon is a fun read that is very much recommended.”
– Midwest Book Review

Mom’s Choice Awards® 2011 Winner – Gold (Juvenile Books Level 2, Ages 9-12)
Winner of the 2011 IBPA Ben Franklin Award for Interior Design 1-2 Color
Finalist in the Children’s Fiction and Children’s Educational categories of The USA “Best Books 2011” Awards
Independent Publisher Book Award Silver Medal
ForeWord’s 2010 Book of the Year Award Honorable Mention – Juvenile Fiction & Finalist – Young Adult Fiction


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