Inaugural Day of AI at Tumblehome – May 13, 2022, 5PM-6:30PM
Celebrate the first annual Day of AI, with Tumblehome!.  Day of AI, an initiative started by MIT, is planning to be the next Hour of Code.  On May 13th, 2022, Day of AI will serve as a way to promote awareness about artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, and its impact on society.  Students, teachers, parents and the general public are welcome to join us to learn more about modern AI technologies and how you can do AI yourself.  Whether you want to predict the stock market, conduct medical research based on big biodata, or enter a science fair about machine learning, AI is the way to go!
Barnas Monteith, our resident AI expert, spent years developing new AI-based medical technologies at MIT Media Lab in the early 2000’s, and also spent a number of years developing new semiconductor technologies, used for AI chips.  He has recently developed a new course about AI, focused on the arts, including generating AI art, music, body motion, poetry and more!  It’s a super fun way to learn more about AI concepts without the need to be a programmer.  Come have fun, Find out how deepfakes are made, as well as AI-based multimedia TikToks, and cool AI-based games like Minecraft and more!  Learn how to detect faces, make original AI art, detect objects, teach a computer how to dance, and more, in this special 1.5 hour special presentation.
Barnas will show you the coolest highlights and fun, free activities from his brand new AI curriculum, launching this year!  Come learn more about Tumblehome’s AI offerings in this FREE workshop on the first ever, Day of AI!


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    Check out some of Barnas’ cool and informative AI videos on our Youtube channel. — including one about a cool new biotech AI invention called Alphafold, and how to make your own AI art!