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Ever Curious Bundle (ages 12+)  BUY NOW

(3 Books: Earth Will Survive, The Puffin Plan, Seven Stories About The Moon: Retail price $45.85, Bundle price $35)

What should you get for all the beloved but quirky, picky, fancy, practical or eccentric tweens and teens in your life? Connect them with powerful stories that spark empathy for people they’ve never met; inspire them to take action; to right injustices, or even simply to reach out to those around them. The Ever Curious Bundle could be the spark that lights the fire!

Earth Will Survive*…..*we may not ($18.95)

What is Earth’s history? Where is Earth headed, and what can we do? A middle school science teacher addresses these questions with a friendly narrative voice and a focus both on how science is done and the diverse people who do it. Present problems of the Earth are discussed with a final section of things kids can do to make a difference, from changing their behavior as consumers to recycling, energy use, and voting.

The Puffin Plan ($16.95)

Fifty years ago, a young ornithologist named Steve Kress fell in love with puffins. After learning that hunting had eradicated their colonies on small, rocky islands off the coast of Maine, he resolved to bring them back. So began a decades-long quest to bring them back. This is the story of how the Puffin Project reclaimed a piece of our rich biological heritage, and how it inspired other groups around the world to help other species re-root in their native lands.

Seven Stories About The Moon ($9.95)

Famous poets and eminent scientists are a part of this collection of poems that illuminates the practice and findings of science, how scientists think and work, and how humans respond to what they learn with the tools of science.



Whodunnit Bundle (ages 9-12)   BUY NOW

(3 Books: The Weather Detectives, Escape Greenland, The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip: Retail price $36.85, Bundle price $25)

Kids are naturally curious. That’s why they love mysteries! Sleuthing, mystery, intrigue – there is something fun and deeply satisfying about solving a really tough mystery. We created the Whodunnit Bundle to keep your kids turning the pages until the big reveal.


The Weather Detectives ($12.95)

When an anonymous letter implores them to travel to the Caribbean, Henry Alabaster and his weather detective uncle are swept up in a puzzling adventure, one which will take them out to sea to investigate a strangely troubled cruise ship and its supposedly cursed captain! Mystery is in the air and also fascinating weather history. Better bring your raincoat!


Escape Greenland ($13.95)

Ezzy Skylar has inherited some of her geologist mother’s daring along with her collection of special scarves. Now, along with her surgeon father and ten-year-old brother Luke, she has embarked on a trip to Greenland’s Kangia Icefjord. But something isn’t right.


The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip ($9.95)

Mae and Clinton time travel to break up a seance, escape the Gestapo, jump from a plane, and return with enough understanding of how electronics work that they can tackle the mystery of the Russian scientist and search for the missing diamond chip.



Animal Lover’s Bundle (ages 5-8)   BUY NOW

(3 Books: Seeking the Snow Leopard, Waiting for Joey, Sharks At Your Service: Retail price $53.85, Bundle price $40)

Kids love animals ‒ and they love books about animals, too. This is especially true when animals are the characters and focus of stories rather than an element of the setting. Learning about animals opens up a whole new wondrous world for kids. This makes reading about animals ripe with learning opportunities!

Seeking the Snow Leopard ($18.95)

Stunning photographs illustrate Jon Miceler’s first-hand account of an expedition to trap and collar an elusive and endangered snow leopard. This hopeful book will introduce young readers to the culture and ecology of the eastern Himalayas.

 Waiting for Joey ($16.95)

For 10 breeding seasons author and scientist Jean Pennycook has observed the Adelie Antarctic penguins as they live and adapt to the changing climatic conditions of Antarctica. This story traces the story of one penguin she calls Joey. Children will relate to both the penguins and the author’s sense of adventure as well as the photos taken on-site at the research station in Antarctica.

Sharks At Your Service ($17.95)

Sharks are at the very top of the list of animals that fascinate children and adults alike. They are usually depicted as savage and destructive hunters, but these skilled predators are essential to sustaining the health of the world’s oceans. Dramatic underwater photographs combine with whimsical drawings to illustrate the diversity of sharks, not as scary people-eaters, but as the ultimate service providers in the sea.


Cozy Bundle (ages 3-5)    BUY NOW

(3 Books: Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt, Sometimes We Do, Book of Wrong Answers: Retail price $51.89, Bundle price $40)

Little ones are enthralled by storytelling, pretend play and exploration. The Cozy Bundle books help kids’ imaginations come alive, teach basic math and science…. but most of all are fun! Each book is enriched with beautiful illustrations that enliven the stories inside.


Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt ($16.99)

A beautiful and heart-warming story about a child’s love for a parent and a sense of wonderment about the stars. This charming story of family love introduces the idea of families looking together at the night sky and introduction to the concepts of stars being used as navigational aides.

Sometimes We Do ($16.95)

Author Omo Moses tells the story of Johari and his father making pancakes and playing with trains while chatting about size, numbers, amounts, recipes, and family chores in Sometimes We Do. Playful illustrations allow a glimpse of Johari’s fantasy world and invite further discussion of the book’s early math concepts. Pancake recipe included!

Book of Wrong Answers ($17.95)

Emerging readers love The Book of Wrong Answers as it follows Gigi and her big brother, Diego, through their day with amusing and comforting answers to her many questions. Why do we have rainbows? How do airplanes stay up? Where do tadpoles come from? The siblings create their own unique answers with a section at the back that can clear up any misunderstandings with “What Grownups Think.”