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Penny Noyce

Nobody Loves Mosquitoes STEM and Children’s Books “No kid wants to read about mosquitoes. Sharks, dinosaurs, even snakes, but not mosquitoes!” So spoke Barnas Monteith, who works with me to publish science books for kids. Reluctantly, I had to admit he had a point. Mosquitoes may be, as a recent […]

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Eva J. Pell

Why is my first book about orangutans I could tell you its because when I stared into the soulful eyes of one of the orangutans at the National Zoo, I fell in love. That’s true. I could tell you it is because these are among the most intelligent of animals […]

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Events Tuesday, June 30th at 6 pm EST NASA Solar System Ambassador and Tumblehome Author (The Secret Case of the Space Station Stowaways) Pat Monteith will address some of the myths and facts about asteroids and discuss the NASA missions that are expanding our knowledge of these small rocky bodies [...]
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