For more than a decade Tumblehome has been working to inspire kids’ love of science through the power of story. We have grown from a children’s book publisher to our role today as a non-profit trans-media STEM publisher and educational research organization.

Working with our partners and collaborators we develop best in class books, curriculum and related media content that promotes STEM identity in K-12 students. We work with foundations, businesses, schools, communities……anyone that is seeking to enhance STEM identity and help children imagine themselves as future scientists or engineers.

Our partnerships come in all shapes and sizes……from multi-organizational alliances and interdisciplinary focus to one time purchases  or book clubs or bulk sales. We are always working to uncover opportunities to inspire kids in STEM through story.

Some of our projects include:

Curriculum and Program Development Partnerships

  • CIDSEE – We partner with Imagine Science, Science Education Solutions, the Concord Consortium and others to deliver data science and epidemiology education to underserved middle school kids in afterschool clubs, all based on our book The Case of the COVID Crisis.
  • Worcester, MA Education Development Fund – We developed and ran two semester-long  afterschool programs on the brain and the solar system  to accompany a special reading support class.
  • BRAINY – With McLean Hospital, we are currently developing a ten-week middle school afterschool program called Project BRAINY to combine reading an adventure novel with activities exploring emotion resilience, and the brain.
  • Artificial Intelligence with SciTech – We have piloted learning experiences for elementary school children playing with facial recognition and middle and high school students learning AI through the arts–creating images, music, dance programs and even short music videos suitable for TikTok. We are actively seeking partners to further test these programs.

All of these programs can be adapted to new school and afterschool settings.

Each project is unique, but development follows a path that includes:

Strategy:  identify partner needs, timelines, outcomes and success measures.

Design: create ideas, test, pilot and make corrections as we go.

Implementation: move ideas into action plans including decision dates, operational meetings, locations, staff training , materials delivery and frequent check-ins. Pre/post evaluation data is used to improve the program.

Bulk Sales – are offered at considerable discounts. Special printing with partner organization’s logo or supplementary text can be included in significant orders:

  • Harvard READS distributes a non-fiction elementary science book, Stem Cells Are Everywhere as part of a project to combine literacy and science.
  • The Ohio Energy Project shares our book, The Confounding Case of the Climate Crisis with partner schools across the state.
  • Philadelphia, PA Public Schools ~ 12,000 copies of Omo Moses’ preschool math story, Sometimes We Do distributed citywide.
  • With Lesson ALIVE! and multiple schools, we share Eva Pell’s RES-Q series of conservation adventures, Res-Q and the Baby Orangutan, Res-Q Takes on the Takhi and Res-Q in Panamá, accompanied by teacher materials and a Zoom author visit.
  • Climate Comic for the Tech: We are partnering with the Tech Initiative, San Jose’s world-class technology museum, to create a graphic novel presenting a panoply of innovative technology responses to the climate crisis from carbon capture and transformation to hydrogen-powered flight and meat substitutes.
  • Ellen Prager’s adventures Escape Galapagos, Escape Greenland and Escape Undersea can be bought in classroom sets with an author visit.
  • We can create teacher/facilitator materials to accompany bulk orders of any of our books.

Our partners and collaborators come to us hoping to inspire the next generation of leaders, scientists and change makers. They understand that rich experiences in science and literacy help kids envision their role in helping to solve the world’s problems through STEM solutions. Together we are working to make sure that kids receive the critical knowledge and materials they need to be STEM superstars.

Tumblehome has expanded from our humble beginnings of publishing books to offering an expanding suite of dynamic offerings that serve hundreds of teachers, thousands of students, and tens of thousands of readers annually. If you want to join them and inspire kids to take charge of their future through STEM learning and leadership we would love to talk with you.  Reach Barnas or Rebecca at info (at) for more information.

Tumblehome Key Partners: