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 The following books were the main sources. These books have served as Katie Coppens’ foundation of knowledge around the topics of Earth’s history, evolution, mass extinctions, and climate change:

Alvarez, Walter. T. Rex and the Crater of Doom. Princeton University Press, 2008.

Bjornerud, Marcia. Reading the Rocks: the Autobiography of the Earth. BasicBooks, 2007.

Hazen, Robert M. The Story of Earth: The First 4.5 Billion Years, from Stardust to Living Planet. Penguin Books. 2013.

Kolbert, Elizabeth. The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. Bloomsbury, 2015.

Prothero, Donald R. The Story of the Earth in 25 Rocks. Columbia University Press, 2018.

Romm, Joseph J. Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Zimmer, Carl. Evolution: the Triumph of an Idea. William Heinemann, 2001


Additional Sources:



Chapter 1: Curiosities


Chapter 2: The Evolution of Evolution



Chapter 3: An Outsider’s Insight


Chapter 4: Air: The Critical Balance of Earth’s Atmosphere,more%20than%20400%C2%B0%20Fahrenheit.,oxygen%20levels%20in%20the%20waters.,generally%20lived%20in%20shallow%20water.,trees%20to%20take%20up%20water.,and%20development%20at%20serious%20risk.


Chapter 5: Land and Sea: Deforestation and Ocean Acidification,reef%20system%20in%20the%20world.



Chapter 6: Human Caused Extinctions,This%20Lawyer%20Is%20Fighting%20to%20Save%20Two%20of%20the%20World’s,in%20the%20Gulf%20of%20California.,parts%20and%20products%20is%20prohibited.

Chris Johnson Australia’s Mammal Extinctions: a 50,000 year history



Chapter 7: Unintended Consequences and Plastic


Chapter 8: Invasive species and the New Pangaea,million%20feral%20rabbits%20inhabit%20Australia.&text=In%201859%2C%20European%20rabbits%20(Oryctolagus,that%20they%20could%20be%20hunted.,in%202012%2C%20Germany%20in%202014,area%20with%20cool%2C%20moist%20conditions.,New%20Study%20Finds%20Asian%20Carp%20Threat%20to,Is%20Greater%20Than%20Previously%20Thought&text=Asian%20carp%20have%20long%20been,much%20greater%20than%20experts%20realized.


Chapter 9: Profit Over Planet


Chapter 10:The Clarity of 2020: A lesson in looking at the big picture,not%20added%20to%20the%20atmosphere.




Chapter 11: What You Buy: Changing Your Consumer Behavior

The New Art of Living Green by Erica Palmcrantz Aziz & Susanne Hovenäs


Chapter 12: What You Eat: The Green Plate


Chapter 13: What You Throw Away: Trash, Compost, and Recycling


Chapter 14: How You Use Energy: Heating, Cooling, Driving, and More



Chapter 15: How You Vote: Electing Leaders Who Lead Us in the Right Direction,advanced%2Flow%20emission%20natural%20gas.

Earth Will Survive (But We May Not) – Paperback