The classroom is a dynamic environment, bringing together students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities. Being an effective teacher requires the implementation of creative and innovative teaching strategies in order to meet students’ individual needs. 

Teachers need to develop teaching strategies to inspire students with science stories and inquiry adventures. Whether it’s learning the basics of rocket science (for babies), exploring the diversity of life on earth, or soaring into the solar system, children’s books are a perfect launch pad for exploration. 

One of the teaching strategies of science class is conducting fun experiments. Children love to work with their hands, and experiments are always a great way to get students involved in the lesson. Teachers need to combat the ‘science is boring’ stereotype with storytelling and fun activities. This can be done with great children’s books on science. We have interesting titles that help show students just how fun and exciting science and exploring the world around them truly can be. Work these books into your plans to create strong cross-curricular lessons. These are books that can spark a love of science! 

Tumblehome provides the tools for teachers to inspire students to learn more about the natural and man-made worlds around them. In the spirit of Robert Noyce, the inventor of the integrated circuit, original founder of Intel and one of the fathers of Silicon Valley, we want every child to know that they too can change the world through their exploration of science. They too can “go off and do something wonderful.”

Tools for Teachers

A workshop for teachers of grades 6-12 on how to use a free, 4-day, teaching unit meant to give kids the tools to sort out what’s likely to be true or false in “science” they encounter online. Read more

An award-winning science teacher’s entertaining answers to 101 questions help encourage children’s curiosity. Two other books in this series – I Wondered About That Too, I Just Keep Wondering.

Kids will love our nature oriented adventurous books. In Escape Galapagos teachers can get in on the game with a section in the book. Similar books

In this time-travel adventure series members of a secret organization visit scientists of the past. Other books in this series – The Baffling Case of The Battered Brain, The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair

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