Tumblehome, Inc.,  a Massachusetts educational non-profit publisher, is committed to assisting teachers, librarians and others in the education community during these difficult times.  Due to the pandemic, we understand that many students will not have their usual access to books and other educational resources. In order to help, we at Tumblehome are offering a limited-time license for remote learning usage of Tumblehome copyrighted materials.

We are offering the general public the ability to use Tumblehome materials in private recordings that you may share with your library audiences, makerspaces, classes, homeschools and others.

You may read any Tumblehome books of your choice and record these readings, for dissemination on Youtube, Vimeo or other video streaming sites, as long as your materials are not set for PUBLIC viewing.  You may retain these recordings as unlisted or private and share them freely with whomever you choose, as long as the materials are not widely accessible to the general public.

Any recordings must be accompanied with a recorded or written message indicating that  this recording is being done with the express permission of Tumblehome, Inc.  Copyright, 2020, All Rights Reserved.  This recording may be used for educational purposes only, and may only be used until September 1, 2020.

Beyond September 1, 2020, you must request specific written approval from Tumblehome, Inc. if you wish to retain these materials online.

Please notify us within 20 days of your usage of our materials, via our contact page at:


Email copyrights@tumblehomelearning.com address with any inquiries regarding this policy.