Author Michael Erb loves weather events (and great photographs of them!) as evidenced by his recently released book, The Weather Detectives. Tumblehome is giving kids the opportunity to bring their imaginations to life through their own original weather photographyin The Weather Detectives Photo Contest. We invite kids to take photographs of weather events in their own lives (storms, clouds, wind, rain, snow, fog, sunshine, frost…).


Here’s how it works:

  1. Any child aged up to 14 may enter.
  2. The photographs must be taken by the child, but adults may assist in the uploading or digitization process.
  3. Each photograph must fit the weather theme (storms, clouds, rain, snow, fog, sunshine, frost…).
  4. A child may submit multiple pictures – but each entrant is eligible to win only one prize.
  5. Photographs may be edited, but all editing work must be done solely by the child.
  6. Winners will be chosen based on visual appeal, interesting storylines, and the weather depicted.
  7. The three winning photographs will be featured on Tumblehome Books’ website, email, and social media platforms.
  8. The three winners will receive: a signed copy of Michael Erb’s new book:The Weather Detectives.
  9. By entering this contest, you agree for your photographs to be shared on Tumblehome Books’ website, email, and social media platforms at the end of the contest. No names will be attached to any work and, while you agree to share it with us for this short time, it remains yours.


Submit your photos to with the subject “Weather Detectives Photo Contest” by midnight EDT on September 23.  Winners will be announced by early October.

So, break out your camera and start taking pictures! Be creative. Think weather. Go for clouds, rain, snow, fog, sunshine, frost…etc. Let loose and have fun with it. Good luck!

Learn more about The Weather Detectivesbook: HERE.