Tales of the Universe – Hardcover


Tales of the Universe, by Greg Sviatoslavsky

Tales of the Universe introduces five physics principles commonly used in engineering. It’s a story of a boy that befriends a retired physics professor who regales the boy with fantastic stories of alien life in different galaxies; with each story serving as an allegory for a different physics principle. Imagine a collection of parables where the lessons are about physics, rather than religion, and you’ll begin to understand the book’s concept.   Discover the physics behind the stories at talesoftheuniversebook.com

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Age Range : 8-12
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Book Details:

  • ISBN: 9781943431793
  • Genre: Juvenile fiction
  • Page Count: 64
  • Age Range: 8-12

Greg Sviatoslavsky, PE is a mechanical engineer working for NASA Ames Resarch Center. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of California with a bachelor’s and master ‘s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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