The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil


Benson and Anita’s first adventure with the Galactic Academy of Science.

On a museum visit, Benson and Anita meet a famous paleontologist showing off his newest fossil find – a missing link between dinosaurs and birds. But something doesn’t feel right. Then a Dude from the future sends them back in time to visit an ancient Chinese scientist, dig a huge sea monster out of a cliff, and outwit a fossil thief. Benson and Anita need to root out and expose a fraudulent fossil.

The Galactic Academy of Science is a secret organization run by teenagers from the future. Its mission is to defend the integrity of science through the ages. Members travel through time to interact with scientists of the past.

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Author: Galactic Academy of Science
Age Range : 9-12
Grades: 3-6
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Book Details:

  • ISBN: 9780985000851
  • Genre: Children’s: Fiction/Science Fiction
  • Page Count: 184
  • Age Range: 9-12
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Lexile Level: 890
  • Pub Date: 01/09/2012
  • Series Title: Galactic Academy of Science


Jack Horner, paleontologist, showing children Maiasaura nest fossils

World famous paleontologist Jack Horner, the inspiration behind Jurassic Park, is featured in The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil. He is seen here teaching students Benson and Anita about the nesting behaviors of Maiasaura.

“The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil is the story of two children who find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime. Benson and Anita think they are simply going on a field trip to a museum when they first start out their day, but before the day ends they will have traveled through time and space to visit all corners of the world. It’s definitely going to be an interesting day and their mission is nothing less than saving the future of science. Fossils are cooler than even these two might think and there’s a lot more to know about them than anyone realizes.

Benson and Anita are two typical modern day kids. They believe there is no true ‘magic’ in life and they just want to have fun. That’s what their goal is when they first set out on this field trip. But when things start to become a little magical after all, they definitely step up to the plate and start setting their sights on changing the world. Someone is trying to pass off fake fossils as authentic ones and if they manage to succeed it just might change the course of the scientific community as we know it. Benson and Anita are the only ones who just might be able to fix things in The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil by Barnas Monteith. A fun and exciting story for children and something that parents definitely won’t mind their children reading. I would love to see even more from these children. This was a good book for children and had a good storyline.”
– Reader’s Favorite Book Review 


Fraudulent Fossil wins Mom's Choice Book Award

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