The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip


Mae and Clinton’s first adventure with the Galactic Academy of Science and their teenage handler from the future, Selectra Volt.

The Galactic Academy of Science is a secret organization run by teenagers from the future. Its mission is to defend the integrity of science through the ages. Members travel through time to interact with scientists of the past.

When the Russian scientist Professor Gufov accuses Clinton of stealing his invention, all Mae and Clinton want to do is get away and work on their science project. But that’s before a Dudette from the future tells them about the Galactic Academy of Science and sends them on a mission back in time to beef up their scientific knowledge. Mae and Clinton meet Dmitri Mendeleev, Niels Bohr, John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Robert Noyce. They break up a seance, escape the Gestapo, jump from a plane, and then return with enough understanding of how electronics work that they can tackle the mystery of the Russian scientist and search for the missing diamond chip.

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Author: Pendred Noyce
Age Range : 9-12
Grades: 3-6
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Book Details:

  • ISBN: 9780985000806 
  • Genre: Children’s Fiction/Science Fiction
  • Page Count: 145
  • Age Range: 9-12
  • Grades: 3-6
  • Lexile Level: 750
  • Pub Date: 01/04/2012
  • Series Title: Galactic Academy of Science




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