Resources for Educators: 

Tumblehome’s A.I. Learning Resources:

  • Find Tumblehome’s A.I. Resources page HERE. (8+)

Space Resources:

  • For space activities that coincide with our book, The Secret Case of the Space Station Stowaways, click HERE. (8+)
  • Solar Lithography – try this simple experiment to  demonstrate the power of sunlight. (8+)
  • HERE are instructions for how to properly view a solar eclipse. (6+)
  • Learn how to build your own International Space Station with a helpful (and free) paper model kit HERE. (8+)
  • Learn how to catch a falling star… on your camera by clicking HERE.  (8+)

Dinosaur Resources:

  • Check out the top 10 fraudulent fossil cases in history HERE! (8+)
  • Check out these instructions for making a giant dinosaur skull at home or in the classroom! (10+)
  • Learn how to make a cool dinosaur extinction diorama HERE. (8+)
  • Dinosaur tracks provide a lot of clues for anyone studying them in the present. Check out THIS informative read to learn more! (6+)

Misc Resources:

  • Clicking HERE will take you to Tumblehome’s Corona Virus Information and resource page. (8+)
  • Read about Tumblehome’s youngest author, Anna Du, and her work with Save our Seas. (10+)
  • Learn About How Scientists Can Predict ‘The Perfect Storm’ — Make your own Weather Satellite at Home! (8+)
  • Find out why snails are so fascinating and useful for the study of evolution. (8+)
  • Learn how to make an early human ancestor skull replica for free by clicking HERE! (8+)
  • Find the answer key to Katie Coppens’ Geometry Is as Easy as Pie HERE.

Informative Resources:

  • Read Tumblehome co-founder, Penny Noyce’s, keynote address about Literacy in Science HERE. (10+)
  • Read about the importance of science books for kids HERE.
  • Research shows books matter. Read more about it HERE.
  • Click HERE to view Tumblehome book activities and lesson plans.
  • Read about the important of free choice science HERE.
  • Click HERE to read more about hands on, inquiry based learning.
  • Teaching strategies and tools for teachers can be found HERE. (8+)